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Dig it Out! – Poll: What do you think about the cover?

After a loong time we got to an almost-final cover for our beloved Dig it Out! (“what are they talking about???” Find out here!)

Our great illustrator Marco Amantini (aka Gufo) has been working on the cover for Dig it Out!

It was the first time for us and also for him… We didn’t even know how to communicate our needs. We understood that the designer-illustrator relation is everything but easy!

We started giving him a general idea about what we wanted in the cover:

  • game elements: the animals, the Forest ranger, the boar..
  • theme elements: Acqualagna and the wonderful Furlo, the eagles and a truffle blade 🙂

Once we agreed on the elements we started looking for existing covers that we liked the most: SmallWorld, Myrmes, Tokaido and some more. We wanted a central area full of stuff, with a background that could resemble our lands. After many versions this is what we obtained…

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What do you think about the cover for Dig it Out?

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What do you think? What would you change? All comments are welcome!

KiraDig it Out! – Poll: What do you think about the cover?
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