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GiocAcqualagna 2016 – Board games for everyone!


Is autumn coming? We embrace it and we face it with a great day of board games at Mercato Coperto in Acqualagna! The 18th of September we offer you the possibility to try a lot of different board games: members of the association Acqualagna Games and the Three headed monkeys will be at your service if you want to try a board game at the first edition of GiocAcqualagna!

We will have ready-to-try board games, a prototype area (together with “Idee Noomac”), a War game area (thanks to the newly born association: “Acqualagna Miniatures Gaming Club”) and a kid area!

What are you waiting for? Come and have fun with us for a healthy and social afternoon!

THM Games


Photo: Gaming has no age limit, mama monkey.

“I am having so much fun! But who’s gonna do the laundry? Who’s gonna iron? Another game then I’ll leave…I swear!” cit.







We don’t stop playing because we grow old;

we grow old because we stop playing.
[George Bernard Shaw]

KiraGiocAcqualagna 2016 – Board games for everyone!
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