Dig it Out!

The truffle Game

The game is still a prototype. We’re working on Illustrations, rules and materials.

gioco del tartufo

Category: Family game
Author: Stefano Olivi (THM Games)
Designer: Stefano Olivi, Lucia Radici e Mattia Tontini (THM Games)
Players: 2-4
Playing time: 50 minutes
Age: 8+
Publisher: THM Games
Publication date: 2017


In “Dig it Out: the truffle board game” players will impersonate truffle hunters that, together with their loyal animals, sniff and dig our precious truffles to sell them at the village for the best offer.

Players control an animal among: Ermenegildo (an Italian Griffon), Cirilla (a funny Dachshund), BraccoUbaldo (a young Bracco Pointer) and Carlotta (a hog). The board represents Acqualagna’s square (the Capital of the truffle, a little village in the middle of Italy), surrounded three mountains represented by layers of hexagonal tiles one on top of the others. The hidden face of each hexagon can show a truffle (white or black of different sizes), a mouse, an event or a snake.

At the start of each turn, playersGioco del tartufo receive a number of kibbles as written in his initiative card. These represent actions that animals can do: move from one hexagon to another, sniff that is secretly examine one of the adjacent hexagons or dig that is take one tile and put it on the character sheet. But take care! The work of the truffle hunters is troubled by a wild boar that can scare the animals and eat their truffles!

The game is played through 3 seasons. Every season has specific rules regarding protected mountains and legal truffles.

At any point during the game, a player can decide to move to the little square and sell his truffles for Victory Points. At the end of the three seasons, the player with the most Victory Points is elected “Truffle hunter of the year”.
Forest rangers monitor the player’s behaviour. They are activated by a roll dice and controlled by the active player.


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