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ComiCam 2016 – One, two, we’re coming for you!

comicamIt’s getting cold isn’t it? And cold weather means… we can start to play some hardcore board games! Could you think about playing Agricola or Through the Ages few weeks ago? When the temperature was 40°C? No way! But now it’s the time….

So put your hat on and come to find us next Sunday at ComiCam 2016, a festival for board games and comics in the wonderful city of Camerino (Italy).

We’ll be there, close to the pick-up games stand, with our “Dig it Out!“, “Avatar Wars” and “Sharp Adventures“. Do you want to challenge your kids or friends to a truffle hunt? Do you prefer futuristic fights with laser weapons and a bit of magic? Or do you feel like you want to live your own heroic story, as a foul adventurer in a magic world?

It’s up to you! Don’t be shy, we won’t bite (at least I won’t! Not so sure about the others)

KiraComiCam 2016 – One, two, we’re coming for you!
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