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Dig it out

Category: Family game
Players: 2 to 4
Average game: 45 minutes
Author: Stefano Olivi
Progress: 90%

THM GamesBest board game (Master Game – Pesaro Comics & Games 2016)


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Master Game 2016
(Master Game – Pesaro Comics & Games 2016)


It’s the son of the earth and darkness, it grows far from the sun, in the warm and dark soil, relying on tree roots to get life. Its aroma spreads across the soil, reaching the surface and charming our noses. Let’s go truffle hunting with our four-footed friends: let’s sniff it, dig it out and run to sell this precious Earth’s black diamond to the market.

Category: Dungeon Crawler
Players: 1 to 4
Average game: 60 minutes
Author: Stefano Olivi (THM Games)
Progress: 70%
Only our beards remind us of the time we spent roaming… but we finally did it! One of the legendary brass monkeys is with us. Our village, our home is very close but our legs are tired, our faces scratched by the desert sun and our harms are willing to lift only one more thing: a huge mug of our favourite beer.

An unusual atmosphere covers the mountains up north, rumours from travellers indicate that Nature is changing: forests seem to mutate and die unexpectedly, some animals are vanishing while mysterious creatures start to appear.

One last effort before a well-earned rest: the main road is a dead-end, we have to pass through Gararufu caves…

Category: Skirmish
Players: 2 to 4
Average game: 45 minutes
Author: Mattia Tontini, Lucia Radici (THM Games)
Progress: 70%
Wear your electron-ionized helmet and take control of your heroes in the virtual arena of Avatar Wars! Take the point, use your skillset wisely, plan your strategy and lead your team to victory!

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